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Joan Baez

Keep an eye on this page for information, biography, reviews and recommendations pertaining to the work of Joan Baez.

Joan Baez
Inarguably the godmother of modern folk music, and one of the most devoted singer/songwriter/activists.

Joan Baez's Best Songs
Joan Baez has been one of the most ardent activist-folksingers in the history of the craft, and an inspiration to many other artists and fans alike. If you're just learning about Baez's work, here's a playlist of essential Joan Baez songs to help get you started.

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez: The King and Queen of Folk
However, by the time they finally met at Boston's Club 47 in April 1963, Dylan had evolved into the scene's most promising singer-songwriter, and Baez was blown away. Several weeks later at the Monterey Folk Festival, she would join Dylan onstage for a duet of “With God on Our Side." Read more about the history of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez here.

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