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Nickel Creek Is Back

Nickel Creek

Twenty-five years after kicking off their career as child bluegrass prodigies, and five years after announcing their indefinite hiatus, the members of Nickel Creek have reunited for a stunning new album. Check out this full review of A Dotted Line, due on Nonesuch Records, April 1, 2014.

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In the Immortal Words of Woody Guthrie, "So Long, It's Been Good to Know You"

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Nickel Creek - A Dotted Line

Nickel Creek's 25th Anniversary album, A Dotted Line, is full of remarkable originals and genre-defying instrumental behavior - read this full review.

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Pickathon Announces Full 2014 Lineup

Yesterday, I shared that Nickel Creek has joined the lineup for the 2014 Pickathon Indie Roots Music Festival in Happy Valley, Ore., just outside of Portland.

Nickel Creek Discography

News broke this week that Nickel Creek would be making an appearance at two of the finest folk and roots music festivals in the land this summer - Pickathon and

Nickel Creek Albums

Learn more about newgrass/genre-defiant path-forging band Nickel Creek with this brief history of their albums. Complete discography.

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