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The Steeldrivers


The Steeldrivers

The Steeldrivers

courtesy Rounder Records

Description of the Steeldrivers' Music:

Contemporary bluegrass, soul, Americana


The Steeldrivers are part of the new crop of bluegrass artists coming out of Nashville with influences from all over the musical spectrum. Fans of Mountain Heart, Infamous Stringdusters, and the Grascals will certainly appreciate the Steeldrivers.

The Steeldrivers Lineup:

Richard Bailey - banjo
Mike Fleming - bass, vocals
Mike Henderson - mandolin, vocals
Tammy Rogers - fiddle, vocals
Chris Stapleton - guitar, vocals

Recommended CDs by the Steeldrivers:

The Steeldrivers (Rounder, 2008) Compare Prices

Purchase/Download Steeldrivers MP3s:

The Steeldrivers Biography:

The Steeldrivers got together in Nashville, Tenn. Each of them were highly respected, in-demand session players. Mike Henderson and Chris Stapleton had been writing songs together for years when, one night, they decided to play some bluegrass together. The result of that jam session quickly evolved into the compiling of the rest of the band. Before long, they were playing to sold out crowds around Nashville, and making a steady run of the bluegrass festivals. They released their self-titled debut album in January 2008 on Rounder Records.
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