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Folk and Bluegrass Artists A-Z

A list of American folk singer/songwriters, bluegrass artists, alt.country bands, and traditional and contemporary folk singers. Check out their bio and profile, concert reviews, interviews, and more!
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Best Folk Artists of All Time
Here's a look at the best singer/songwriters, artists and bands in the history of American folk music. Although this site looks at folk music in a more comprehensive sense, including bluegrass and whatnot, I decided to focus this list on folksingers and folk-rock artists. I'll do another list that spotlights bluegrass. Including the greatest...

Best New Artists of 2006
Let's face it – there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of folk singers and songwriters, bluegrass bands, and folk-rockers roaming the world. Just about anyone with an acoustic guitar in their hands likes to think of his/herself as the next Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, or Bill Monroe.

Best Folk Artists You've Never Heard Of
This list will introduce you to some of the best artists in Folk and Bluegrass that you've probably never heard of before, with links to MP3s and CDs for sale.

The Band
Learn more about the Band - best known initially for backing Bob Dylan both on the road and in the Basement Tapes, but certainly a formidable presence in folk-rock history in their own right.

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