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The Avett Brothers


The Avett Brothers Live at Coachella

The Avett Brothers Live at Coachella

photo: Karl Walter / Getty Images

Description of the Avett Brothers' Music:

contemporary folk


The first thing that may come to mind listening to the Avett Brothers is the work of the Beatles mixed with a little Doc Watson. They also are similar to other contemporary artists like Andrew Bird and Langhorne Slim.

Starter CDs:

Four Thieves Gone (Ramseur Records) Compare Prices
Emotionalism (Ramseur) Compare Prices
Live, Vol. 2 (Ramseur) Compare Prices

The Avett Brothers Are:

Scott Avett - Vocals, Banjo, Percussion
Seth Avett - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Bob Crawford - Vocals, Bass

The Avett Brothers Biography:

The Avett Brothers have been playing music all their lives, but didn't become the band by that name until 2000. They spent the late 1990s playing in a rock band called Nemo, although they spent their spare time drinking whiskey with their friends and singing country and folk music.

This gathering eventually evolved into a trio that would perform on occasion. It was 2002, though, before the Avett Brothers in their current incarnation emerged. Their debut album, Country Was, was released early that year and since then, the Avett Brothers have toured religiously, building a solid following wherever they go.

In all, they've released nine recordings since their inception and have become a favorite at festivals. They were nominated for several Americana Music Awards in 2007.

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