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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Paul Simon Song?

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From the article: Essential Paul Simon Songs
Paul Simon has been churning out great original folk and pop songs for decades. He's toyed with pop, folk, world music, jazz, and a number of other styles - often all in one song. So what's the verdict? What are your favorite Paul Simon songs? Cast Your Vote

Favorite Paul Simon song

Of the many favorites, my very favorite after all the years is still The Sound of Silence.
—Guest Michael Gutierrez-May

The Boxer

This is his best song so far because it depicts life as a whole - our basic aspirations, dreams, heartaches, and triumphs.
—Guest Greg Taag


One of Paul's great songs. He's an incredible artist and songwriter I had the pleasure to record in NYC at the Hit Factory.

Paul Simon's Best Song Alternative List

American Tune Kathy's Song For Emily.... Dangling Conversation Still Crazy....
—Guest Bob Ray

Impossible to Narrow it Down to Five

I think my favorite has to be America. Or Still Crazy After ALL These Years.

"American Tune"

Two other favorites are "Old Friends" and "Hazy Shade of Winter." But "American Tune" never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful melody and rich harmony!

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What's Your Favorite Paul Simon Song?

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