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Songs About Barack Obama

New songs inspired by Barack Obama


Barack Obama has, ever since he entered the presidential race, inspired millions of new voters. Not for decades has there been a presidential candidate (now President-Elect!) who inspired so much (positive) music to be written. Here's a look at some popular and obscure pro-Obama political songs. (see also rap songs about Obama.)

1. "Looking for a Leader," by Neil Young

Neil Young was a little more ahead of the game. This tune, from 2006's Living With War CD wasn't expressly written for or about Barack Obama, but it certainly gave him a shout out. Before the senator from Illinois had announced his presidential bid, even Young was looking forward to the possibility.

2. "Yes We Can," by will.i.am

Probably the most popular song written for Barack Obama, will.i.am's "Yes We Can" hit the internet early on in the primary season. Featuring stars of film and music, the song put Obama's memorable "Yes We Can" speech to music, effectively emphasizing the words that much more.

3. "Barack Obama Reminds Me of Howard Dean" - Papa Razzi and the Photogs

This anti-folk tune likens the president-elect favored by students and activists in 2008 to that of the candidate from 2004. The difference, of course, is that Howard Dean didn't become the president, whereas Obama's grass roots coalition proved a little more fruitful.

4. "Illinois Boy," by Annie Palovcik

Palovcik's tongue-in-cheek, quasi-love song paid tribute to Obama's home state of Illinois, and later became somewhat of an allegory for his presidential bid. Like many of Obama's supporters, Palovcik was clearly looking forward to his run before it even began. She placed the song on her 2008 EP, Changes, which she composed after hearing Obama speak.

5. "Barack Obama," by Cocoa Tea

One of the most popular songs inspired by Barack Obama, Coco Tea's aptly titled "Barack Obama" is a catchy, dancey reggae tune paying tribute to the his historic run for the presidency. Of course, as World Music Guide Megan Romer noted, Cocoa Tea isn't an American citizen, so he couldn't cast his vote in this election. Obviously, he was hoping his music could inspire state-side fans to choose Obama. And, obviously, it worked.
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