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Music From 'Grey's Anatomy'

A quick guide to the background music you love


Grey's Anatomy is one of the most loved shows on television, and the producers always pick great music to help carry their compelling scripts. Here's a closer look at some singer-songwriters whose music has been featured on episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

Priscilla Ahn

Priscilla Ahn CD
© Blue Note Records
Priscilla Ahn is the newest most talked-about artist featured on the soundtrack for Grey's Anatomy, as her song "Dream" (purchase/download) played over the season four finale. She's an exquisite songwriter from a small town in Pennsylvania, who has been slowly building a devoted following over the last few years. Now based in Los Angeles, her forthcoming album A Good Day (featuring "Dream") is due out June 10, 2008, on Blue Note Records (the folks who brought you Norah Jones).

Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile Live in Concert
photo: Kim Ruehl/About.com
Brandi Carlile's song "Tragedy" (purchase/download) was featured prominently on an episode of Grey's during season two, and then they also prominently featured her song "The Story" (purchase/download), from the album of the same name, in 2007. Since appearing on the Grey's soundtrack, Carlile (from rural Western Washington) has toured practically nonstop, both opening for artists like Ray LaMontagne, Shawn Colvin, and the Indigo Girls, and selling out headlining dates, as well.

Ditty Bops

Ditty Bops
photo: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images
The Ditty Bops' song, "Sister Kate" (purchase/download), appeared in Episode 2 of the first season. This duo from southern California is almost difficult to define. Their Vaudevillian old timey singer-songwritery music practically defies definition (even though I just used those terms to define it).

Rosie Thomas

Rosie Thomas
© Matt Boyd
Singer/songwriter Rosie Thomas's sweet, gentle voice came across on Grey's Anatomy's first season, as well. Her song, "Let Myself Fall" (purchase/download), from the album, Only With Laughter Can You Win, seemed a perfect fit for the show. Since then, she's continued to tour and record. Her last album, These Friends of Mine, came out on Nettwerk in 2007.

KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall live in concert
photo: Kim Ruehl/About.com
KT Tunstall, like Brandi Carlile, has had several songs appear on Grey's Anatomy episodes. Several of her songs, including "Hold On" (purchase/download) and "Miniature Disasters" (purchase/download, have figured prominently into various episodes and seasons. Of course, aside from lending her music to Grey's, she's also toured extensively and become quite the international folk-rock superstar.

Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson live in concert
photo: Matt Carr/Getty Images
New York-based singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaleson had several songs featured during the third season of Grey's Anatomy, including "The Way I Am" (purchase/download and "Corner of Your Heart" (purchase/download). Since then, she's toured extensively and played festivals across the country with artists like Dave Matthews Band and Tom Petty.


Feist live in concert
photo: Karl Walter/Getty Images
Folk-rock singer/songwriter Feist has had quite a year or two. A few of her songs, including "My Moon My Man" (purchase/download), have appeared on Grey's Anatomy episodes. Since then, she's toured and performed extensively, was nominated for several Grammy Awards in 2008, and has enjoyed considerable popularity.
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