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New England-Based Folk Duo Late Bloomers

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photo by: Megan Summers
New England-Based Folk Duo Late Bloomers
Randy Browning - guitar, vocals
Brett Kinney - guitar, vocals

Late Bloomers is an acoustic duo from New England who tour tirelessly around the Northeast region, and write great songs that toy with traditional and contemporary folk, blues, and ragtime. Their performances feature a great variety of music: instrumentals, fresh approaches to old favorites, and innovative originals.

As musicians, Late Bloomers have a simple goal: to continue to grow in new and interesting ways.

In 2005, Late Bloomers were honored in the New Folk competition at Kerrville Folk Festival, where Randy's songs were among the winners in the competition (along with Jack Harris). Browning has a way of writing tunes that harken back to Old Time Music, but retain the most infectious, unforgettable qualities of contemporary American folk music. Together with Kinney, Browning orchestrates a lovely canon of work that's both timeless and inimitable.

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