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Artists and Styles


Learn more about all the artists and styles that make up American folk music, from bluegrass to folk-rock, protest music, alt.country and beyond. What artists are making waves today, and who most influenced the early days of American folk music? Find the answers here.
  1. Pete Seeger
  2. Bob Dylan
  3. Ani DiFranco
  4. Americana
  5. Bluegrass
  1. Folk-Rock
  2. Old Time
  3. Singer/Songwriters
  4. Women in Folk Music

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger has, throughout his life and career, been one of the most persistent patriots of the American folk music movement. His determination to keep folk songs on the minds lips of people everywhere not only helped fuel the mid-20th-Century folk revival, but has continued to inspire and influence generations since. Learn more about Pete Seeger with these articles, reviews, and lists.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan Live

Get more in-depth information about Bob Dylan, including recommended CDs, trivia, his bio, and the movies and books that have been written about his life and work.

Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco

Learn more about Generation X's most ardent activist-folksinger, including a bio, interview, album and book reviews.


Buddy Miller

Americana is a really interesting area of American folk and roots music, blending all the best elements of country, folk, soul, blues, and rock into a new flavor which is tied more heavily to its roots than any mainstream version of any of those styles. Learn about the Americana artists and albums essential to your CD collection.


Bluegrass founder Bill Monroe

Bluegrass is one of the most popular styles of American folk music. Learn more about what characterizes bluegrass, who plays it, and where to get started.


Neil Young

Ever since Bob Dylan plugged in at the Newport Folk Festival more than 40 years ago, folk-rock has been a major player in mainstream music in America. Learn more about the classic and contemporary folk-rock artists and CDs you need to check out.

Old Time

Carolina Chocolate Drops

Old time music (sometimes called "old timey") preceded bluegrass, and is enjoying quite a resurgence these days among younger urban bands. Learn more about the old time phenomenon, old timey roots and where the genre is headed these days.


Woody Guthrie - The Asch Recordings CD Cover

Singer/Songwriters are what most people think of when they hear the phrase "American folk music." Learn more about the great American singer/songwriters, and who's affecting the scene these days.

Women in Folk Music

Joan Baez

Here are albums and other work by all the great women singer/songwriters, bluegrass artists and the like.

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