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Hush Records


Laura Gibson is one of Hush Records' best new singer-songwriters

Laura Gibson is one of Hush Records' best new singer-songwriters

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Basic Information:

Hush Records is an independent acoustic, experimental, an indie folk record label based in Portland, Ore., founded in 1998 by Portland-based singer-songwriter and artist Chad Crouch. Now, with over a decade under its belt, the label has signed and promoted the music of Portland's best envelope-pushing folk and roots-inspired artists. The artists on the Hush label have come to define what's become known as the Portland sound. While their roster is heavy on acoustic music, the label bills itself with the more vague term "anti-rock."

Hush Records Artists:

Hush artists embody the distinctive sound of Portland's acoustic music scene, and include some of the country's best up-and-coming folk and roots artists. Among them are singer-songwriters Laura Gibson, Run-On Sentence, and Nick Jaina, chamber-folk band Loch Lomond, and label founder Chad Crouch. Other artists who have graced Hush's history include the Decemberists, Reclinerland, Blanket Music, Kind of Like Spitting, and many more.

Recommended CDs from Hush Records:

Nick Jaina - A Narrow Way (2008) Compare Prices

Loch Lomond - Paper the Walls (2007) Compare Prices

Laura Gibson - Beasts of Seasons (2009) Compare Prices

Hush Records History:

Hush Records was founded in Portland, Ore., in 1998 by singer-songwriter and visual artist Chad Crouch. Seeking to promote his own music via his self-recorded debut solo album, Crouch started Hush on a whim with less than $100 and an Apple computer (according to the label's bio).

Crouch had been the frontman of Blanket Music (who were also on the Hush label) and his solo album, titled Portland, Ore., was all abotu his hometown. Considering that is the album which founded Hush, it was a very fitting debut for the label which has come to define the new Portland sound. In 1999, Crouch and Hush acquired national distribution for Kaitlyn Ni Donovan's disc Songs for Three Days.

In 2009, the label released its 50th album and saw great success with Laura Gibson's widely and nationally critically acclaimed disc, Beasts of Seasons. The Decemberists, who released their debut full-length Castaways and Cutouts on Hush before signing to Kill Rock Stars and eventually Capitol Records, have also achieved considerable success. Recent Decemberists tours have presented Hush-signed chamber-folk groundbreakers Loch Lomond in the opening slot.

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