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If you're looking for good folk music, bluegrass, Americana, folk-rock, and protest music CDs, this is where you want to be. What books are essential to your collection, and what folk music movies and concert videos are a must-see?
  1. New Releases, Recent Reviews
  2. Classics and Essentials
  3. New Folks and Up-and-Comers
  4. Books and Movies About Folk Music

New Releases, Recent Reviews

Amanda Shires - Down Fell the Doves

Check out some of the latest albums released by old and new artists alike. This is where you'll find the albums I recommend for folk, bluegrass, alt-country, folk-rock and protest singers alike.

Classics and Essentials

Woody Guthrie - The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1

The best way to learn about folk music is to start with the classic essential folk artists and CDs.

New Folks and Up-and-Comers

Birds of Chicago

Here are some of the best new artists and unknowns, their CDs and information about their live shows.

Books and Movies About Folk Music

If CDs aren't enough folk music for you, here are some books and movies you should check out to learn more.

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