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Neil Young - Living With War

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Neil Young - Living With War

Neil Young - Living With War

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The Bottom Line

Neil Young's Living With War is to the War in Iraq what John Lennon's post-bed-in casual recording of "Give Peace a Chance" was to the Viet Nam War. The title track is one of the strongest on the record, with the catchiest most whimsical chorus that announces honestly the difficult and honest motivation of the album: "I'm living with war every day. I'm living with war in my heart."


  • "After the Garden"
  • "Let's Impeach the President"
  • "Living With War"
  • "Families"


  • None.


  • An impressive impromptu tribute to all those affected by the war in Iraq
  • Neil Young in classic Neil Young form - earnest lyrics and embellished guitar licks intact
  • A catchy, infectious blend of protest folk, pop, and hard rock

Guide Review - Neil Young - Living With War

Recording Living With War, according to one member of the choir featured on the disc, was "like being at a 12-hour peace rally." It's no surprise that it was described that way. Listening to it, it's clear that the record was thrown together - but not because the songs are half-hearted attempts at slashing an president who's falling in the polls. Instead, the impromptu feeling of the record calls to mind John Lennon's recording in his hotel room of "Give Peace a Chance."

No doubt, Young will get a lot of flak for this record. After all, he's a Canadian citizen bashing American policy; but he's not alone. In this year of protest albums (Ben Harper's latest record, Bruce Springsteen's tribute to Pete Seeger, Ani DiFranco's forthcoming post-Katrina musical commentary, etc.), Young proves that he's just adding his voice to the choir.

And add to the choir, he does. A 100-voice choir, to be exact. Together, they call out again and again, "Don't need no more lies."

Young is an accomplished songwriter with an impressive career full of all kinds of songs - love songs, nostalgic songs, songs that just rock out, and yes, plenty of songs of conscience. Living With War is a worthy addition to his impressive discography.

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