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Bluegrass music has its roots in old Country and spirituals. It's some of the oldest American Folk Music around, and is enjoying one of the biggest resurgences with music fans. Check out this introduction to the world of Bluegrass music, its artists and history.
  1. Bluegrass Artists (15)

All About Bluegrass Music
With bluegrass music constantly making a "comeback" these days, I thought it was high time I give you all the information you need to know before you venture out into the wild world of bluegrass pickers, newgrass rockers, and old time string bands.

A Brief History of Bluegrass Music
An introduction to Bluegrass music, from Foggy Mountain Boys to Nickel Creek.

Best of Bluegrass
Bluegrass has its roots in celtic folk music, but has become a musical genre that covers a vastly diverse pool of musicians. If you're a new fan of the genre, this list of players can give you a really good start on your burgeoning bluegrass knowledge.

Ten Best Bluegrass Pickers
The establishment of bluegrass music as its own genre is credited to Bill Monroe – a man with such a virtuosity on the mandolin as wasn't really seen at that point in country music. This set a fairly high bar for what kind of picking would come to bluegrass as it evolved. Here's a list of ten of the most influential and unforgettable pickers in the history of bluegrass music.

IBMA World of Bluegrass Photo Gallery
Here are photos from the 2007 IBMA World of Bluegrass Conference and Awards Ceremony, featuring bands like Mountain Heart, Grass Cats, Meantime, Dale Ann Bradley, Tony Trischka, Rhonda Vincent and more.

Wintergrass Festival Photo Gallery
A look at the performances and jam sessions that made up this year's Wintergrass festival

Bluegrass Chords & Tabs
A great resource for finding tabs and chords to new and traditinal Bluegrass tunes.

Bluegrass History
A great brief history of Bluegrass.

Bluegrass Works
An online journal and great resource for Bluegrass news, reviews, and opinion.

Bluegrass Unlimited
Online version of the Bluegrass magazine, complete with reviews and upcoming releases.

Planet Bluegrass
Online guide to Bluegrass music and festivals.

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