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Welsh Singer/Songwriter Jack Harris


Based in Bulith Wells, Wales (UK), Jack Harris' music brings to mind great contemporary songwriters like Dave Carter and Richard Shindell.
Welsh Singer/Songwriter Jack Harris

Welsh Singer/Songwriter Jack Harris

Jack Harris
According to his Web site:
"Jack's songs tell searching stories of human experience and reveal a maturity and understanding far beyond his years. His rich, complex lyrics and his powerful melodies draw upon a diverse range of influences - from the music of Tom Waits, Lyle Lovett and Laura Nyro to the local tales told by his grandmother."

Jack Harris was born and raised in Bulith Wells, Wales, and began writing songs very early on. He wrote the first song he really liked when he was 14, and started playing out in clubs at the age of 15.

After finishing high school, he spent a year touring with Eric Taylor, before starting in at Oxford University as an English Literature major. Still at Oxford, Harris plays out when possible, and has appeared in the states at South by Southwest and as a New Folk winner at the Kerrville Folk Festival.

A full-length record is in the works, but Jack's EP recordings can be ordered from his mother via his website.

Jack has held opening slots for Tracey Grammer, Eric Taylor, Amy Wadge, and Eliza Gilkyson, among others.

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