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Yonder Mountain String Band


Yonder Mountain String Band

Yonder Mountain String Band

(photo © David Raccuglia)

Description of Yonder Mountain String Band's Music:

Contemporary string band, jamgrass


Yonder Mountain String Band is one of a slew of bands coming out of bluegrass roots and adding their own progressive spin. Other comparable artists are Railroad Earth, the Waybacks, Donna the Buffalo, and the Duhks.

Recommended CDs by Yonder Mountain String Band:

Elevation (Sci Fidelity, 1999). Town By Town (Sci Fidelity, 2002). Yonder Mountain String Band (Vanguard, 2006).

Jeff Austin:

mandolin, vocals
Born and raised in Illinois, studied musical theatre, voice, and dance theatre at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. When he met Dave Johnston, Austin didn't know how to play an instrument, though he owned a mandolin. He joined in with Johnston's group The Bluegrassholes, and soon became quite well-versed on the mandolin.

Ben Kaufmann:

bass, vocals
Born in Pittsburgh and raised in Masachusetts, Ben grew up playing the piano from the time he was three years old. When he was in 6th grade, he began playing the bass in rock bands. He later sat in with his father's big band. After studying film at NYU, he moved to Boulder, CO, and discovered bluegrass music.

Dave Johnston:

banjo, vocals
A native of Illinois, Dave learned banjo at the University of Illinois. One year after starting to learn, he started a band called Giblet Gravy, which then spun off into The Bluegrassholes. After The Bluegrassholes went their separate ways, Johnston headed to Boulder, CO, where he eventually met up with Kaufmann.

Adam Aijala:

guitar, vocals
Born and raised in Massachusetts, Adam began playing electric guitar when he was just 13 years old. After going through a punk rock phase, he began playing acoustic guitar when he was 17. He studied forestry at UMass and worked in that field until he was injured and had to stop working. He then moved to Colorado, where he met Jeff and Dave.

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