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Dan Bern


Singer/Songwriter Dan Bern

Dan Bern

courtesy Messenger Records


Folk-Rock, Singer/Songwriter


The biggest comparisons I can make to Dan Bern's work are Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. It's not just because he wrote a song about all those guys ("Talkin Woody, Bob, Bruce, Dan Blues" from Smartie Mine, 1998) ... it's just because that's the way it is. If you dig any of those guys, you'll love Dan.

Trivia Fact :

Dan Bern grew up in Iowa, and his first instrument was the cello.

Dan Bern's Early Years:

Both of Dan Bern's parents were artists - his father was a concert pianist, and his mother a singer and poet. They settled in Mount Vernon, IA, in the 1950s after emigrating from Eastern Europe. Dan grew up playing cello and loving baseball. Later, after picking up guitar, he moved to L.A. and began his career there.

Dan Bern's CD Releases:

After several years in the Los Angeles Folk-Rock scene, Dan finally released his first self-titled CD in 1997. Since then, he's toured tirelessly around the States and released 10 CDs. The latest, 2004's Anthems is available only at his shows and directly from his record company.


According to his bio, Dan Bern counts among his influences James Thurber, Charles Bukowski, John Fante and Ernest Hemingway.

Catch Dan Bern on Tour:

The best way to learn more about any Folk artist is to check them out live. For the most up-to-date information, keep an eye on Dan's tour schedule!

Starter CDs:

Dan Bern (Sony, 1997). Fifty Eggs (Righteous Babe, 1998). New American Language (Messenger 2001). The Swastika EP (Messenger 2002). Anthems (Messenger 2004).

Quote from Dan Bern:

"I'm not so concerned with changing anyone's mind. Just making sure all the like-minded people go and vote. Sometimes the choir needs a little preaching."
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