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Dar Williams


Dar Williams

Singer/Songwriter Dar Williams

C. Taylor Cruther


Folk-Rock Singer/Songwriter


The most common comparison to Dar Williams you may hear is Ani Difranco, but Dar's work can also be likened to that of Joni Mitchell, Janis Ian, and the Indigo Girls.

Trivia Fact:

Dar is a vegetarian, and is allergic to dairy.

Starter CDs:

The Honesty Room (Razor & Tie, 1995). Mortal City (Razor & Tie, 1996). Out There Live (Razor & Tie, 2001).

Quote from Dar Williams:

"Even a good love song can sort of awaken people. The way we travel and meet one another at the crossroads is important."

Dar Williams Biography:

Dorothy Snowden Williams was born in April, 1967, in Mount Kisco, NY. She began playing guitar at age nine, and wrote her first song by the time she turned 11.

After studying theatre and religion at Wesleyan University, Dar moved to Boston in 1990 to try out a career in theatre. She quickly got a job as a stage manager, and began writing songs and taking singing lessons on the side. Her voice teacher encouraged her to perform in coffeehouses in the thriving Boston Folk music scene.

Three years later, Dar moved to Northampton, MA, and began performing in coffeehouses. After she opened for Joan Baez, Joan helped to further Dar's career by performing covers of Dar's witty, insightful songs about life's idiosyncracies.

Her first record, which she made independently, was quickly picked up by Razor & Tie, who re-released it in 1995.

Since then, she has release six more solo CDs on the Razor & Tie label, including 2005's My Better Self. She also did a brief stint with the all-star trio she co-created, Cry Cry Cry (1998-2000), which included fellow singer/songwriters Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Shindell. Her music has received praise from media and fans alike, and she has become knnown for her lyrical phrasing and intuitive observations.
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