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The Dubliners


'Original Dubliners' CD Cover

'Original Dubliners' CD Cover

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Description of the Dubliners' Music:

Irish folk music


The Dubliners were originally called the Ronnie Drew Group, named for lead singer Drew, who left the band in 1974 and later recorded with fellow countrymen and Irish folk-punk bands the Pogues, Christy Moore, Dropkick Murphys, and others. Fans of the Dubliners would appreciate those bands, and vice versa.

The Dubliners Original Band Members:

Ronnie Drew - vocals, guitar
Luke Kelly - vocals, banjo
Ciaran Bourke - vocals, guitar, tin whistle, harmonica
Barney McKenna - vocals, banjo, mandolin, accordion

Other Dubliners Band Members:

John Sheahan - fiddle, mandolin, tin whistle
Bobby Lynch - vocals, guitar
Jim McCann (replaced Drew in 1974) - vocals, guitar
Sean Cannon - vocals, guitar
Eamonn Campbell - guitar, mandolin
Paddy Reilly (replaced Drew in 1995) - vocals, guitar
Patsy Watchorn - vocals, banjo, bodhran

Recommended CDs by the Dubliners:

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Purchase/Download Dubliners MP3s:

The Dubliners Biography:

The Dubliners is an Irish folk group founded by singer and guitarist Ronnie Drew in 1962. Originally called the Ronnie Drew Group, they changed their name to the Dubliners in honor of the novel by Irish author James Joyce. Best known for playing traditional street ballads and their impressive instrumentals, the band is still going after more than four decades.

The Dubliners were influential in the popularization of Irish folk music, and have been cited as an influence by American roots rockers like Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan. They teamed up with fellow Irish folk group the Pogues in 1987—a collaboration that resulted in a few charting hits in the UK.

Dubliner's vocalist Jim McCann was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to leave the band after their 2002 40th Anniversary reunion tour. Dubliners founding member Ronnie Drew passed away on Aug. 16, 2008, at the age of 73.

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