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Andrew Duhon


Andrew Duhon

Andrew Duhon

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Description of Andrew Duhon's Music:

Singer-songwriter, contemporary folk


New Orleans songwriter Andrew Duhon's music occupies the same soul-infused realm where Amos Lee, Gregory Alan Isakov, Jeffrey Foucault, Ray LaMontagne, and James Vincent McMorrow have previously dominated. Fans of contemporary songwriters like the Tallest Man on Earth may also appreciate Duhon's cool and easy approach to his richly poetic self-deprecating lyricism. Even though there's clearly a folk-pop aesthetic dominating Duhon's music, there's also some element of New Orleans in his voice - fans who listen closely can hear the influence of folks like Dr. John and Aaron Neville, and even occasionally Tom Waits, in the creaks of Duhon's well-worn vocals.

Recommended CDs by Andrew Duhon:

Songs I Wrote Before I Knew You (Self, 2009) compare prices

Dreaming When You Leave with the Lonesome Crows (Self, 2010) purchase/download

The Moorings (Self, 2013)

Purchase/Download Andrew Duhon MP3s:

Crosstown Southern Blues (with the Lonesome Crows, from Dreaming When You Leave)
"Scared to Death of Dying" (from Songs I Wrote Before I Knew You)
"Patricia and Her Man" (from Songs I Wrote Before I Knew You)

Andrew Duhon Biography:

New Orleans songwriter Andrew Duhon grew up just outside town in Metairie, Louisiana. Though he tried taking piano lessons as a child (his mother had a passing interest in the instrument as well), it wasn't until he had a sports injury in high school that he picked up the guitar and started picking around. According to a recent interview with About.com Folk Music, "Piano didn't take in my early years. I picked up a guitar in high school and that worked for me. The influence was New Orleans, and simple blues/folk songs. I was taken by the simplest songs that managed to pack so much soul, so much humanity into just a voice and little else until it was undeniable that 'soul' was something real, something connected." He made his debut during a high school church youth group meeting and got enough positive feedback, he decided to keep it up.

After high school, Duhon moved into the French Quarter - the heart of New Orleans - and was finally able to soak up all the music and culture the city had to offer. It was then that he began playing electric guitar with his roommate, driving around the state with their music, playing in dive bars. From there, he delved into the introspective art of becoming a singer-songwriter.

Slowly but surely, Andrew Duhon earned an audience in New Orleans, and self-released his first album - Songs I Wrote Before I Knew You in 2009. He gathered a band called the Lonesome Crows for that disc's 2010 follow-up, released a record he made live at JazzFest, and started making his way around the international folk and songwriter scene.

It was during a trip to Scotland that he started thinking about the mournful melodies inherent in that nation's traditional music. Of the disc, he says, "I wrote the Moorings after opening for a fiddle player in Glasgow, Scotland. He played lots of old English and Scottish folk songs, and I couldn't get that cadence or that feel out of me. I had a story of leaving with a heavy heart that seemed to fit, so I just sang my story with seafaring imagery, and it came along fairly naturally."

Andrew Duhon tours and performs frequently, and has a full schedule for the duration of 2013, including dates in California and throughout the Southeast. For more information, including an ongoing list of tour dates, visit his website at AndrewDuhon.com or read his full interview with About.com Folk Music.

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